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Every Wedding Reception Is Unique

Today there are an infinite variety of ways that you can be creative and have fun by adding your own personal ideas to your wedding reception.  Be sure to look to your DJ to help make these things happen. I've seen time lines developed for receptions planned down to the minute that actually ran smoothly down to the minute, if you want to get that detailed.  On the other hand, I've seen receptions planned in a "laissez-faire" manner that successfully ended up making everyone happy. So, it can work both ways, just remember this is your special day and you should be enjoying it - not worrying.  Delegate tasks that your vendors are responsible for, to them.  Another idea is to have a contact person who knows your plans that vendors can approach when you are tied up.
The Wedding Reception Planner

I use a reception planner that can be as simple as one page or more detailed if necessary.  This is sent out with the contract and is due back three weeks before the reception.  At that time things should be gelled enough that we can meet and go over your plans.  If possible, it is better to meet at the reception hall. Meetings generally take 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

The major contents of the planner are below.  Most things can be checked yes or no.  Others need filled in.

Helpful Reception Hints